Who we are

Flint Atlantic Capital was borne out of a desire to transform the healthcare landscape in Africa. Leveraging deep insights in the African healthcare landscape, we make high impact investments that unlock the market potential of the health sector across all stages of the value chain from early stage to growth stage companies. As an impact investment firm, we have a dual mission of delivering sustained returns to our investors while mandating measurable social impact as a core investment criterion. 


Why healthcare?

At Flint, we believe that investments in health precede economic development and so see healthcare as a critical sector for fostering economic growth. There are four main reasons why we choose to play in this sector:

The market Is large and growing

In fact, best available estimates predict a market size of US $21billion by 2018 in Nigeria alone.This will be dominated by the private for-profit sector. Maintaining or improving the state of one’s health is a priority that cuts across all segments of society

Healthcare is a resilient sector

The healthcare sector is counter-cyclical and resilient in the face of economic headwinds. In our core markets, historical growth rates in the healthcare sector have continuously outpaced overall GDP growth. We expect this trend to continue.

We offer a unique value proposition

Our team has unparalleled expertise in healthcare, and deep networks across the public and private sectors. Due to our extensive understanding of the sector, we are best positioned to offer a distinctive and inimitable value proposition to healthcare investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Access to capital is the biggest challenge

We have identified access to capital as a critical roadblock, preventing healthcare opportunities from achieving their true market potential. Our unique investment model relieves this immediate bottleneck, while grooming portfolio companies to be attractive prospects for follow-on funding in later investment rounds

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our corporate mission is to become the foremost pan-african impact investment firm in health,
bringing accessible and quality healthcare to the ‘health poor’ in africa.


Our vision is to transform the healthcare landscape in Africa. We will do this in two primary ways:

  • By leveraging our insight and relationships to shape the healthcare market via collaboration with other influential public and private entities and innovative investment models.
  • By investing in opportunities which create measurable impact for society while delivering solid returns to our investors.


Our vision is supported by four key objectives:

  • To unlock the latent market potential in the health sector by addressing market failures
  • To originate and execute profitable investments that improve access to and quality of care for the ‘health poor’
  • To catalyse new markets in healthcare by investing in novel and disruptive platforms and enabling them to achieve scale
  • To originate and execute investments that guarantee a reasonable return on investment for our investors and partners


Our team has extensive experience navigating the healthcare sector across Africa as well as in the developed world and is supported by professionals with a wealth of fund management, investment banking, corporate advisory and start-up operations expertise. In addition to our investing activities, our core competencies include market insight, commercial due diligence and advisory services. 





Part of our unique value proposition comes from strategic relationships with knowledge and innovation partners, at the forefront of critical industry trends.
If you think there are mutually beneficial opportunities for your organisation to partner with Flint Atlantic, please fill out the  contact us form  with a clear description of your interest.
Our current partners include:



HSDF provides all levels of government and the private sector with sustained support in addressing complex and fundamental health systems challenges critical to the transformation of the health and social sectors in Nigeria and Africa.

HSDF improves the quality of decision making and execution in the health sector through a focus on results at scale, strong analytical support, innovation, and substantive engagement with key stakeholders. The organization is a marketplace for knowledge and effective ideas and a platform for innovative solutions. HSDF addresses complex health systems and developmental challenges through a focus on evidence, rigor and continuous improvement.


PSHAN is a country-owned private sector led coalition focused on mobilizing the private sector's collective abilities, assets and resources to accelerate improvement in health outcomes.

The Alliance strategically leverages the resources, expertise and capabilities of the private sector in Nigeria to yield gains in health.

PHN focuses on four major pillars built on the evidence that the Nigerian healthcare sector is relatively flooded with untapped potential. A rapid diagnostic has revealed that the private sector is well positioned to unlock that potential and realize the synergies required for massive improvements in health outcomes. As a result, the pillars: Innovation, Partnerships, Advocacy, and Policy were established to align operations with strategic priorities.